Throwback Thursday

Today I will be sharing some TV shows that I used to watch as a kid. Curious George  I always watched Curious George when I was younger it was my favorite show! And my family friends all watched it as well. 2. Doc McStuffins When I was turning 5 years old I had a Doc […]

Day in the life

Today I will be telling you what I do in my day I wake up around 6:20 am get ready I usually eat french toast for breakfast get my backpack ready for school pack lunch leave around 7:02 am get to school at 7:10 am 1st period starts at 7:30 am I am at school […]

Walt Disney’s Epcot

Hey guys! I have done a travel post on Magic Kingdom in Disney World, so today I am going to tell you about the park Epcot in Disney World! Like I have said before my family loves traveling especially to Disney World, in my post about Magic Kingdom I said that we stayed at the […]

Favorite color

Hey guys! so my favorite color is any type of blue basically. As far as I can remember I have always liked the color blue. I went around my school and took pictures of things that were blue or a shade of blue. Thank you for clicking on my post!


Hello today I am going to do a review on Converse. Converse are an overall is a good brand for shoes. They have become very popular brand for shoes recently. They offer tons of different styles and colors to fit your liking. They are at an affordable price for everyone. They are high quality and […]

The results are in!

Hey! so I posted a this or that poll about a week ago and these are the results! Question 1: Number 2 was the winner! Question 2: Number 1 was the winner! Question 3: Number 1 was the winner! Question 4: It was 50/50 tie! Question 5: Number 1 was the winner! Question 6: Number […]


Hey! Today I will be doing a review on Ron Jon Surf Shop. To start, they only have stores on the east coast. But, their clothes are high quality and a good/affordable price. They also sell, stickers, sunglasses, water bottles, coolers, jewelry etc…They sell different brands for certain things. They usually have them on the […]

Free write

Recently my family and I went to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel on property of Universal. The hotel was such a great experience! We stayed on the club level, which allows you to go to the breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet. All the food is included with your […]